Monday, 2 January 2017

Things you should not put up with in 2017

It is another year full of blessings. I do not know about you but I am happy, however my patience for tolerating mediocre behavior has pushed me to create list on things you should not put up this 2017.
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Firstly, is expecting praise for tasks that are your responsibility. If you are meant to do something, do it from your heart. Do not expect free praise simply because you want credit. On the other hand, I think you should not put up with this character because it not only deteriorates your morals but indicates that you lack personal discipline. Secondly, if you are keeping friends that are most of the time telling you things you love to hear, then you are on the wrong path. Flattering friends are not healthy especially of you have resolutions to abide too.
Thirdly, doing things so that you may be perceived differently. By this I mean, double living- in reality and social media. We all have that one friend whose life is so perfect on social media. Then there is you, spending ever single coin to got to an expensive picture yet in reality you know things are not perfect financially.
Moreover, overspending is sweet as sugar. In the eleven months ahead, try not overspend in order to avoid unnecessary debts. In addition, avoid people that you do not blend with. For instance just because you work at a similar network or your friend has introduced you to someone and then both of you don’t seem to have as much interest then its clear there is no chemistry.
Things may get bitter if you tend to put up with this behaviour. It is safer to avoid forcing issues. To conclude, your hurtful past, whatever happened in 2016, has past. If anyone pierced you beyond my explanation, it’s best you do not let them in your life this year.

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