Thursday, 25 August 2016

Busu la Nelly Kamwelu shavuni kwa Diamond akiwa na Wizkid lawatoa povu mashabiki.

Haipiti wiki bila Diamond kuwatoa povu mashabiki, hata kama alichokifanya si kwamba alidhamiria.Jumanne hii hitmaker huyo wa ‘Kidogo’ alipost video akiwa na starboy, Wizkid. Haijulikani wamekutana Dar au Afrika Kusini. Lakini video hiyo ilitafsiriwa vibaya baada ya Miss Universe 2011, Nelly Kamwelu, kutokea kusikojulikana na kumbusu Diamond shavuni.
Haijulikani Nelly alikuwa mwenyeji wa nani, katika ya Diamond au Wizkid. Busu hilo limetafsiriwa vibaya na baadhi ya mashabiki wanaodai kuwa Diamond amemkosea heshima mpenzi wake Zari.. here we go again!
Hizi ni baadhi ya comments:
Dat girl kissing you nigga…how about you zari going meet her soon me too
Zari atachoma mtu
Hebu kujeni uku muone. Mimi hii ujinga siwezani aty dem anadandia chali yangu anamkiss…heeeh fire brigade ingekua ilishaitwa…
Diamond has no respect for zari. .must u post that surely
That kiss? @diamondplatnumz
@diamondplatnumz You are an Idiot to post this rubbish!!! ….Not a father material
vitu911: Mmmmmmmmm this vid tho …. @diamondplatnumz u r a star an artist we respect that fact but don’t do this to your fans n family… Respect your woman, have limits ., baba T I love n respect u so much don’t do this to me I begoooo … Leave such kind of life to idris not u … U r a daddy !!!!!! See how Kanye respects Kim , #psuare ‘Elikem ,2baba , to many but mention a few …. Man with beautiful n classy Women …. U r giving haters more reasons to throw stones @zarithebosslady don’t do that @diamondplatnumz … I love u your hard to die fan from Zambia ,,,but its important to respect other peeps feeling .. God has blessed u with a #phenomenon beautiful woman … Be content with wat u have u don’t know wat thaaaa future holds for uuuuuuh
I remember you said in the interview your sugar maama is jealous of your female fans and don’t you think she will get hurt seeing that lady in the background grabbing you
But Diamond when will you ever grow up and start acting like a really grown up? Is it fame that is disturbing you that you can’t tell what to post and not to post or we can say your PR is lacking behind? Where is the damn respect for your wife then? Your so disrespectful boy and get to know that because there was no need of posting this clip. Wat were you trying to prove? That your with wizkid lets say so but he showed you that he respects himself by giving you space when the gal came to peck you. SO STUPID OF YOU!! SO DISRESPECTFUL!! GROW SOME BALLS!! ACT LIKE A FATHER NOT A BOY.

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